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ASDA Focuses on CSCS to Support Health and Safety Targets

ASDA is one of the largest food retailers in Britain and has more than 300 stores.  Over the past two years it has attracted around 1.5m new customers not only for its food, but for the thousands of other products it sells too. 

The company is committed to providing a safe working environment, both for employees and customers within stores, and for the people involved in construction activities at its sites.

ASDA spends a significant amount on construction projects to build new stores and also to extend and upgrade existing ones.  The main contractors that ASDA commissions for this work are required to submit monthly returns concerning health and safety performance against key criteria which are submitted to ASDA’s Health and Safety Administrator, Faber Maunsell for review. 

Whilst smaller contractors working for the company, do not have to provide this information, all are required to work to the standards specified by ASDA’s Way of Working document.  This was prepared in partnership with Faber Maunsell and the Partnering Contractors Health and Safety CIG (Contractors Improvement Group), providing Contractors with a health and safety guide and standards required while working on ASDA’s sites.  The document covers a wide range of issues including accident/incident reporting, security, CDM, acceptable standards and monitoring processes.

One of the key areas of the standards that are stipulated is in the competency of contractor’s staff.  Management and supervisory staff as well as craftsmen and operatives on ASDA sites, are required to have demonstrable competence to carry out their jobs.

Mike Abel ASDA’s General Manager, Construction comments:

“We stipulate that all people carrying out construction related activities on our sites can show that they have the requisite skills.  With tradesmen and operatives we insist that they have a CSCS card at the appropriate level for the activities they are undertaking.”

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