Applying for a CSCS card

  • How do I apply for a card?
  • You can check the various routes and requirements here.

  • How much does a CSCS card cost?
  • CSCS cards cost £36. There is more information about applying for a CSCS card here.

    There are some organisations which will charge you more. If you are asked to pay more than £36, find out what the additional cost is for before you decide whether you want to use their services.

  • How much does it cost to get qualified?
  • It depends on the qualification you need to obtain. Check the requirements here

  • I’m not qualified, what do I need to do?
  • The qualification you need to achieve will depend what job you do on a construction site. Check the requirements here

  • How does the card application process differ between an Employers Apprenticeship and an Approved Appenticeship?
  • There are two routes to obtain a CSCS Card through an apprenticeship.

    Employers Apprenticeship (Blue & Gold Card)

    The card applicant will need to provide a copy of their final completion certificate from the employer with whom they completed the apprenticeship with details of when it was completed. They will also need to provide copies of their Individual’s City & Guilds (Craft or Advanced) Certificates.  The applicant will then be issued with a blue CSCS Card if they have the Employers Apprenticeship and Craft City & Guilds.  A gold CSCS Card will be issued if they provide copies of Advanced Craft City & Guilds Certificates with the Apprenticeship Papers.

    Approved Apprenticeship (Gold Card)

    The card applicant will need to provide copies of their fully Indentured Apprenticeship papers gained through the  apprenticeship provider eg NJCBI. Different providers will have different types of certificates for their apprenticeship.

    If the card applicant can provide copies of City & Guilds Certificates with this as well, this will be included on the reverse of the card.

    If the card applicant does not have their apprenticeship documents find out more about the appeals process here.

  • What is the profiled route?
  • Profile route was a route to obtaining a black or gold card, available to construction site managers or supervisors who had on-site experience but no national recognised qualifications. Profile route closed on the 31st March 2016.

  • What should I do if I get promoted or change occupation?
  • Use the CSCS Card Finder to find out if you need a different type of card or if you need to update the information on your existing card.  This will depend on your new occupation. Alternatively you can contact the CSCS Helpdesk on 0344 9944 777 for advice.

    More information about how to apply for a CSCS card can be found here

  • Can I get a refund if I decide that I do not need a CSCS card?
  • No. The CSCS application fee is non-refundable.

  • Who can sign the CSCS application form if the applicant is self employed?
  • When an individual is self employed their form should be signed by their main client or contractor. For people who own their own company, their form will need to be signed by their business partner or main client or contractor.

    They are signing to certify that the applicant is applying for the right type of card and holds the right qualification for the type of work they carry out on site.  They are also verifying the individual’s identity.

  • Which card should I apply for?
  • It depends on the type of work you carry out, your experience and your qualifications.  Find out which is the right card for you by using the CSCS cardfinder.