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Applying for CSCS card in Occupational Work Supervision

The following guidance applies to all applicants and cardholders applying for or renewing a Gold Supervisor card using the Occupational Work Supervision (OWS) S/NVQ level 3.

To apply for a gold supervisor card using an OWS S/NVQ, an applicant must provide proof that they are qualified in the endorsed occupation noted in the OWS S/NVQ.

To renew a gold supervisor card using an OWS S/NVQ, cardholders must now apply for a NEW gold supervisor card. This is due to the endorsed occupations requirement.

Click here for a list of endorsed occupations CSCS will accept alongside an OWS S/NVQ.


How to apply for or renew a Gold Supervisor card with an OWS S/NVQ

Applicants for new supervisor cards and cardholders renewing their supervisor cards must follow the same process listed below.

  1. Ensure that you have passed the CITB Supervisor Health, Safety and Environment Test within the last 2 years.
  2. Create an account or log in to CSCS Online and apply for a NEW
  3. Select that you are applying for a Gold Supervisor card.
  4. As part of application, upload a copy of your S/NVQ in Occupational Work Supervisions and either:
    1. An OWS qualification certificate detailing the endorsed occupation in the unit breakdown.
    2. An OWS qualification certificate and evidence of having previously held a CSCS Skilled card in the endorsed occupation.
    3. An OWS qualification certificate and a letter from your training provider, awarding body or employer confirming that you have qualified in the endorsed occupation

If you are unable to provide any proof that you have qualified in your endorsed occupation then please follow the OWS appeals process below.


Appeals process for OWS

To apply for or renew a Gold Supervisor card with an OWS S/NVQ via the appeals process, you will need to submit the following by email to [email protected] (with CSCS Appeal as the subject line).

  1. A letter from explaining the reason you are appealing for this card.
  2. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV), including a full work history and details of any qualifications you have achieved.

The CSCS Appeals Panel will notify applicants of their decision within 20 working days. You can find out more about the appeals process here. All decisions of the Appeals Panel are final.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 1st October 2021, applicants will no longer need to submit additional evidence demonstrating competence in their occupation. From this date, CSCS will also stop printing the occupational endorsement on the reverse of the card for any new card applications.  

For further information, including FAQs, please see the corresponding press release.