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CRO occupations with approved qualifications

Many CRO occupations already have industry approved qualifications.

CRO card holders with approved qualifications will be able to move directly onto a skilled worker card without having to complete any further qualifications. A valid CITB Health, Safety and Environment test may be required.

A full list of CRO occupations with approved qualifications is available here*.

If you do not hold a recognised qualification you must register for the appropriate qualification before your CRO card expires. Use the link above to confirm the approved qualification for your occupation.

Please note: A number of existing CRO occupation titles have been renamed. When using Card Finder please insert the new occupation title as listed under “Equivalent Occupation” in the link above.

If you do not register for the qualification before your CRO card expires you will be unable to obtain another CSCS card.

Once registered you can begin to work towards completing your qualification. On completion of your qualification you will be able to apply for a skilled CSCS card.

If your CRO card expires before you complete the qualification you can apply for the Experienced Worker Card. This card is non-renewable, is valid for one year and evidence of registration onto the qualification must be provided with your application. Sending evidence of your registration to [email protected] before calling to apply for your card will speed up the process. You must complete the qualification before the Experienced Worker Card expires.

Should you wish to query the qualification identified by Card Finder please contact the trade association responsible for your occupation.

Your trade association will consider the query and if required they will work with the industry to identify or develop appropriate qualifications for your occupation.

If your are unable to identify the trade association for your occupation contact CSCS by using either the query function in your CSCS Online Account or the CSCS contact us form.