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CRO occupations moved to Partner Card Schemes

CSCS cards are intended for construction related occupations only.

CSCS will no longer be issuing cards for your occupation and you are expected to move across to the card scheme identified on Card Finder before your CSCS card expires. You will be unable to apply for another CSCS card covering your current occupation when your CRO card expires.

Following discussions with industry representatives, it has been agreed that a number of CRO occupations are better represented by one of CSCS’s Partner Card Schemes.

Partner Card Schemes display the CSCS logo and are based on the same standard as CSCS, often requiring the card holder to gain a nationally recognised qualification and pass a Health and Safety Test, though they may also have additional requirements.

A full list of the occupations moved to the Partner Card Schemes (and their contact details) can be viewed here.

Please contact the card scheme identified for your occupation to discuss registration onto the scheme.

For more information on the withdrawal of the CRO card click here. You can also contact CSCS by using either the query function in your CSCS Online Account or the CSCS contact us form.