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CRO occupations transferred to labourer

Following discussions with industry representatives, it has been agreed that a number of CRO occupations are labouring occupations and should be moved across to the green Labourer Card.

A full list of CRO occupations moved to the Labourer Card is available here.

CRO card holders working in these occupations are expected to complete an approved qualification and apply for the green Labourer Card before existing CRO cards expire. If you do not move across to the Labourer Card you will be unable to obtain another CSCS card.

Visit the Labourer Card page on the CSCS website site for further details on the qualification requirements and how to apply for the Labourer Card.

We understand that some employers/contractors may not be aware that industry has approved the transfer of these occupations to Labouring categories. This could lead to questions asked about the appropriateness of you holding the green Labourer Card.

Should this query be raised by your employer/contractor direct them to this webpage or request they contact CSCS by using either the query function in theirCSCS Online Account or the CSCS contact us form.