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CSCS Industry Accreditation survey

The UK construction industry is committed to a fully qualified workforce. This is underpinned by the Construction Leadership Council’s announcement that all card schemes should carry the CSCS logo and must operate with nationally recognised qualifications in place for all occupations relevant to their sector.

Over recent years, CSCS has developed a number of plans that ensure appropriate qualifications are in place for each occupation and cards that did not require the holder to achieve a qualification were withdrawn, examples include the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card and the Visitor card.

The next step towards a fully qualified workforce is perhaps the most challenging. Industry Accreditation (IA), allowed workers to obtain CSCS cards on the strength of an employers’ recommendation rather than the achievement of a recognised qualification. CSCS closed IA to new applicants in 2010 but those already holding a card have until the end of 2024 to put plans in place to achieve a recognised qualification.

For those IA cardholders who have achieved the appropriate qualification for their occupation or become members of CSCS approved professional bodies, it will be a simple process to move onto the appropriate CSCS card.

For those without qualifications, CSCS is working with the industry to find ways to support these individuals in achieving the recognised qualification for their occupation. What that support looks like is uncertain, but one option to be explored is the delivery of an on-site assessment rather than the completion of a full NVQ/SVQ.

The removal of IA is one of the most complex steps to be taken in helping to create the fully qualified workforce the industry desires. There is unlikely to be one single solution to all the challenges raised by the removal of IA. It is more likely that each occupation and sector will need to agree their own solutions and these may take some time to develop.

The next step in finding a solution to the IA issue is to complete the survey below.

The aim of the survey is to determine the number of individuals with cards gained via IA, the occupations they cover and to inform the industry’s plans to transition individuals to new CSCS cards where necessary.