Can I use the CSCS logo on my letterhead, brochures, website etc?

As a general rule, we no longer permit third party organisations to reproduce the CSCS logo.

This decision was made to avoid actual or potential confusion with our separate certificatory function.

Therefore, if you already display the CSCS logo (whether on your website or otherwise), please remove it as soon as possible.

Please note the above does not prevent organisations from making bona fide references on websites or otherwise to CSCS (either by its corporate name Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited, or by its trading name CSCS) in order to identify it or the services that it provides, but we request that any such reference be approved by the CSCS team.

Requests for such approvals should be emailed to CSCS at [email protected]

Should you wish to discuss this further please contact CSCS via the email address above.

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