How can I check CSCS cards using the smart technology embedded in them?

Reading a CSCS SmartCard electronically is simple and can be used in a variety of ways to meet a wide range of IT requirements.

For site managers and supervisors who prefer to work from PC’s simply download the free go smart software from the CSCS website to your computer.

By inserting a card into an inexpensive card reader you can view the information about the worker on the screen. If the PC is connected to the internet, then the data can also be validated online. Managers and supervisors can then choose to print the information or store it on a secure database.

Card readers start from £40 and can be purchased from CSCS preferred suppliers.

For those who would rather use smartphones or tablets there is a free go smart app available to download from Google Play or the Windows Store. Using either a tablet device or smartphone works in a very similar way. Firstly, make sure that the NFC (Near Field Communications) has been activated in the device settings. Then just hold the card against the top of the back of the card reading device (the general location of the NFC reader, though some models may differ), with the front of the card facing the device. The information from the CSCS card appears on the screen with the option to save it if required.

Note: The go smart app is not compatible with IPhones or IPads.

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