How do I install the CSCS software on my computer which is needed to read smartcards?

Before you can read a CSCS SmartCard using your computer you will need to:

  • Download and install the CSCS go smart Software
  • Install the driver software supplied with your SmartCard reader
  • Connect the SmartCard reader to your computer
  • Start the CSCS go smart Software
  • Place the CSCS SmartCard in/on your reader

Follow the instructions on the website to download and run the installer.

Please note: Some users may find that their IT departments have imposed restrictions that prevent downloading or installing programs on to their computers/networks. If you experience such restrictions you will need to consult with your IT department.

Connecting the Smartcard Reader to your computer

Most SmartCard readers connect via USB and are supplied with a ‘Driver’ CD. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for driver installation. Once the drivers are installed, simply connect the SmartCard reader to a free USB port on your computer. Windows should at this point recognise the new hardware and configure the device driver software automatically.

Starting the CSCS go smart Software

Once the CSCS go smart Software and the SmartCard reader are installed, you are ready to start reading CSCS SmartCards. To start the software, double-click on the CSCS go smart icon that is on your desktop. A CSCS logo will appear in the system tray (near the bottom right hand corner of your screen).

When you see the CSCS icon, the program is running in the background. You will not see a window open on your computer until you present a valid CSCS SmartCard.

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