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If the Smart Check just checks card validity how is that going to improve fraud risk?

CSCS Smart Check confirms that the Partner Scheme issuing the card has verified the information, such as with the awarding organisations, to give confidence to those checking cards that the person is who they say they are, and suitably qualified for the job they are doing.

CSCS Smart Check will also help combat fraudulent obtained cards in two ways:

Fake cards: These will not be accepted by the app. A fake card will return a failed verification message.

Fraudulently obtained qualifications: When fraud is confirmed at a training centre delivering construction related qualifications it gets shut down. At this point, every CSCS logoed card issued as a result of obtaining a qualification through that test centre is cancelled. So the next time the card is verified by CSCS Smart Check a failed verification message will be displayed.

If you suspect a fake card, follow the instructions contained within the app’s help & support page or the guidance on the CSCS website.