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Is the price increase related to fraud?

With the changes we have made to the scheme every CSCS card issued will be based on the holder having achieved an appropriate qualification. Inevitably there is a cost associated with this which the fraudsters try to avoid. We have seen an increase in fraudulent activity which we are working hard to combat. Historically the fraudsters have focused on the production of fake cards, or as highlighted by the BBC Newsnight investigation broadcast in October 2015, cheating the Health, Safety and Environment test.

As we restrict the capacity of these fraudsters to operate they are turning to other means in which to obtain a card. Recently we have noted an increase in the production of high quality fake certificates, ostensibly issued by a recognised Awarding Body, which if not properly checked would lead to a legitimate CSCS card.

The scale of this issue means that CSCS is now carrying out additional checks to ensure the certificates submitted as part of the card application process are genuine. Where CSCS cannot check a certificate online the card processing time has increased adding additional costs to the application process.

Tracking down the fraudsters requires a significant commitment in terms of time and resources and holding them to account often result in significant legal costs.