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CRO Occupations requiring qualification development

Published: September 8, 2017

CSCS has been working with the industry since 2015 to prepare for the withdrawal of the CRO card. A lot of work has taken place to ensure card holders know which qualifications are available and to identify those that require development. For a complete list of the qualifications under development visit

CSCS recognise there are a number of qualifications currently under development that will not be available by the end of September. These workers will require access to site after their CRO expires and while their qualification is under development.

CSCS Director of Operations Gordon Jenkins said: “In this scenario CRO card holders will be able to apply for the Provisional Card. This card lasts for six months and is not renewable. However, it enables workers to gain access to site while the qualification is under development.

“When the qualification is available, those cardholders who have obtained the Provisional card specifically for the purpose of waiting on the availability of the qualification, will be expected to register for it. When registered for the qualification they will receive a free Experienced Worker card so that they can access site while completing the qualification.”

The Experienced Worker card is valid for one year and is non-renewable. If the card holder does not complete the new qualification before the Experienced Worker Card expires they will be unable to obtain another CSCS card.

For more information on the CRO card withdrawal visit