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CSCS Survey…

Published: April 11, 2013

A recent CSCS survey identified that most major construction sites require site workers to hold CSCS cards.  Checking of cards, however, is not particularly effective with the focus primarily on making sure site workers hold a card, rather than checking their training and qualifications needed to undertake a particular job.  Many professions are being given access to sites by contractors to carry out work whilst holding a green card – the entry level card intended for labouring occupations only.

CSCS Chief Executive, Graham Wren said, “Our research identified that many green card holders carry out skilled work and in some cases supervise or even manage construction sites.  Contractors and construction clients should ensure their workers carry the right card for the job and carry out audits and checks regularly.”

The survey also identified that the majority of cards (nearly 60%) were photocopied on site – an ineffective and time consuming way of recording and checking cards. Since CSCS introduced its smartcard in 2010 two thirds of core scheme cards are now smart and can be checked quickly and easily using an appropriate card reader, tablet or mobile phone. Construction projects operating with Smartcards can ensure only appropriately trained and qualified workers gain access to site and can take advantage of significant on-site cost savings.