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Single Card Consultation

The CSCS single card consultation aims to gain industry wide opinion on its plans to simplify the scheme from 2016.  The consultation document is here

The consultation closes on x.

The main proposals are to:

  • Rationalise the number of different cards from 13 to 1 to make it easier for individuals and employers to apply for the right cards for the jobs being undertaken
  • Get rid of different colour cards to encourage people who check them to verify cardholders’ qualifications and training and whether they are appropriate to their jobs

CSCS is also asking for input to help determine:

  • Which qualifications the scheme should recognise
  • How recognised qualifications should be stored and displayed ie printed on the cards, stored on smart chips embedded on the cards or both
  • How the transition towards smart technology should be implemented as recommended by the Construction Leadership Council and the Strategic Forum for Construction

Find out more about the consultation here and tell us what you think here (link to survey monkey survey?)