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CSCS cards provide smart ways to reduce vibration damage

Reactec has enhanced its software so that CSCS cards can be used to allocate its HAV monitors to a worker at the start of their shift and to alert the worker to exposure risk relative to their personalised safe exposure limits. This means that, as long as they hold a valid CSCS card, their exposure can be monitored even when they work across multiple sites or with several employers where there are various occupational health policies requiring different exposure thresholds. Find out more about how Reactec’s software is being used by Carmarthenshire County Council

O’Brien Contractors using CSCS cards and SkillSight

By implementing SkillSight, the free skills management software from Reference Point, O’Brien Contractors has been able to improve the way it protects employees by ensuring people attend the necessary training courses, providing them with the relevant skills to carry out their jobs on site safely and efficiently. SkillSight allows construction companies to add training and qualifications to the chip on CSCS cards and securely edit the information online at any time. Then the card can be read on site, in the office or anywhere it needs to be, using a card reader or NFC enabled android or Windows smartphone. Find out more about how O’Brien Contractors is using Skillsight.

Turbo charge your CSCS Smartcard

Reference Point has launched SkillSight which enables workers’ qualifications, skills and competences records to be recorded using the go smart app. You can find out more from Reference Point’s website.

Smart move by SKILLcard

SKILLcard, which is used by more than 50,000 mechanical engineering workers and professionals to provide proof of their skills and to access project sites in line with health and safety legislation, is the first of the schemes affiliated to CSCS to switch to chip-enabled smart technology.

Advice on using smart cards

Using the smart technology in CSCS cards makes checking and storing cardholders’ information quicker and more accurate. And you can use them for a whole range of other applications too. There is a video, brochures and more information here.