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Virtual Cards

  • What are virtual cards?
  • A virtual CSCS card is just the same as your plastic CSCS card but stored on your phone rather than in your pocket. Your virtual CSCS card can be accessed using the My CSCS app on your phone.

  • How do I download a virtual card?
  • As soon as the application status indicates the card has been sent for printing, the cardholder can download the virtual card and use it on site immediately – no need to wait for the card in the post.

  • How much does a virtual card cost?
  • Your virtual CSCS card does not cost anything. It is included in the price you paid to apply for your physical CSCS card.

  • I already have a CSCS card. Can I get a virtual card as well?
  • Yes. Claim your card using the My CSCS app, and a virtual card will be automatically created for you using the data from your existing CSCS card.

  • How do I use a virtual card?
  • Click here[link] to read our guides on how to use a virtual card.

  • How do virtual cards work?
  • Virtual cards work by replicating your physical CSCS card digitally onto your phone. This digital card can then be used in the same way as your physical card.

  • Do virtual cards show the same information as a regular card?
  • Your virtual CSCS card will show the same information as your physical CSCS card, such as your name, qualifications and the card’s expiry date.

  • Can a virtual card be used instead of the plastic card?
  • Yes. As a virtual card shows the same information as a physical CSCS card, it can be used to show that your training and qualifications have been certified by CSCS for your role, just like a physical CSCS card.

  • Is the virtual card secure? What’s to stop someone using my phone and virtual card to get on site?
  • CSCS are keen to highlight to employers that virtual cards are safe and secure, but just like the traditional plastic card, they should always be electronically checked using the Go Smart software.  This is to ensure the card is valid, the photo is of the correct person and to confirm that the holder has the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do on site.

    The My CSCS app which contains the virtual CSCS card is secure, so it is not possible to edit the virtual card to show anything which has not been verified by CSCS.

  • How do I check if a virtual card is valid?
  • The most effective and secure way to check any CSCS card is by using the Go Smart app. To check a virtual card, tap the virtual card to open the details panel and use the Go Smart app to scan the QR code which appears beneath the card image.