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Card Finder: Find the right card for you

Whatever your job or level of experience, find the CSCS Card for you.

Applying for a CSCS Labourer card

The CSCS Labourer card is for those in skilled occupations only. Find out more.


Get all the info you need about CSCS SmartCards and how to use them here.

How to apply for a CSCS card - step-by-step video guide

Watch our new video, which takes you through the process of applying online.

Types of card

Types of card

CSCS issue a number of cards, which reflect the different occupations and qualifications within construction. If you do not work in a construction related occupation, you don't need a CSCS card.

Check a card

Check a card

Electronic card checks are the most secure way to check if a card is valid. Find out more about the various ways to check a card electronically, including the CSCS Smart Check app.


Don’t pay more than £36 for a CSCS card

Construction workers are being charged excessive sums by third-party websites for their CSCS cards.

Not all occupations require CSCS cards

CSCS is reminding the industry that people in non-construction related occupations do not need a CSCS card.