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Renew or replace a CSCS card

When your CSCS card expires, it’s easy to renew by logging in to your CSCS Online account.

CSCS cards can only be renewed six months prior to, and up to six months after, the expiry date printed on the card.

Labourer, Academically Qualified Person (AQP) and Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) cards cannot be renewed. When these cards expire, holders are required to apply for a brand new card rather than renew an existing one.

In all cases, you must advise CSCS if you have changed occupation since your existing card was issued.

Lost, stolen or broken CSCS cards can also be replaced via our online application service.


On expiry, the following cards must be applied for as new card applications.

There are numerous approved routes to obtaining the Labourer card, ranging from a lifetime qualification to a number of training courses that need to be renewed every 3-5 years. The volume of renewal requirements introduces a great deal of complexity to the application process therefore all Labourer card applications must now be new applications. This requires the applicant to submit a copy of their qualification/training course certificate as part of the new card application.

CSCS has introduced a new process where the title of qualification (degree, HND, HNC etc) is displayed on the reverse of the card, for example Quantity Surveying Degree will be displayed.

CSCS will require a copy of your qualification certificate each time you apply for a card as the qualification title on the certificate must match what is displayed on the card.

All Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) card applications must be new applications. Where previously PQP cards have only been endorsed with the Professional Body name, cards now also include the applicant’s level of membership. In order to capture this information it requires applicants to submit a copy of their evidence as part of a new card application.