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Employers, Training Providers and Third Parties

Employers requiring CSCS cards for their workforce are able to use the Employer Application service, which allows organisations to apply for a CSCS card on behalf of an employee, or multiple employees within one application.

Similarly, Training Providers within the construction industry or Third Party organisations who apply for CSCS cards on behalf of their customers are able to use Training Provider or Third Party application services depending on their type of business.

These types of applications also allow for multiple individuals to be included in one application and differs to an Individual application, which only allows the applicant to apply for their own specific card.

Click the following links for useful application guidance for Employers, Training Providers and Third Parties.

Prepaid accounts

Prepaid accounts are available to employers, training providers and other third-party organisations which apply for CSCS cards on behalf of others. Prepaid accounts are not available to those making individual applications on behalf of themselves.

If you choose to use a prepaid account, then you will be bound by the CSCS Online prepaid account Terms and Conditions.