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Employers, Training Providers and Third Parties

Employers requiring CSCS cards for their workforce should use the employer application service, which allows organisations to apply for a CSCS card on behalf of an employee, or multiple employees within one application.

Similarly, Training Providers within the construction industry or Third Party organisations who apply for CSCS cards on behalf of their customers are able to use the Training Provider or Third Party application services depending on their type of business.

These types of applications also allow for the use of prepaid accounts and for multiple individuals to be included in one application. User guides for employers, training providers and third parties are available to download.

Organisations must apply for CSCS cards using the correct type of account according to the nature of their business.

Employers, Training Providers and Third Parties can process single applications as well as multiple applications, subject to the following conditions:

  • Bulk applications are only available online – not via the telephone
  • Payment can be made by payment card, using a CSCS Online Prepaid Account.
  • If an individual/employee already has a CSCS Online account, then as part of the application you must provide either:
    • The email address linked to the individual’s account
    • The individual’s CSCS registration number and National Insurance number

If the individual being applied for has more than one CSCS Online account, please contact CSCS via your CSCS Online account’s query function.

Please ensure you have:

  • Have a scanned copy of each individual’s qualification certificate, or proof that they are registered to complete a recognised construction related qualification relevant to their occupation
  • Have the test ID number from each individual CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test or approved alternative. This can be found on their pass certificate
  • Know the type of CITB HS&E test or approved alternative each worker completed: There are several tests available, the correct test must be selected from the drop-down list. The type of test can also be found on their pass certificate
  • Provide the correct personal details for each CITB HS&E test or approved alternative, including the individual’s date of birth, surname (as on the test certificate) and National Insurance number
  • Have a credit or debit card to pay the £36 application fee (per card).

Tailored user guides are available for employers making applications as well as Training Providers and Third Party organisations.

All CSCS cards cost £36, except for the free Apprentice card, and payment must be made using a payment card.

The process is as follows:

  • Employer, Training Provider or Third Party enters their payment card details
  • A total amount is pre-authorised on the card – payment is not taken at this time. For example, if the employer applies for 10 cards, £360 is held on the card
  • Each individual applied for who does not already have a CSCS Online account will have an account created for them as part of the application process and will receive a welcome email with a temporary password.
  • CSCS will process each application individually. Applications are approved or rejected as per the usual process
  • If an application is declined, or additional information requested, the employer will be informed of the reason via email.
  • If all applications are approved, then payment for all applications will be taken. If some applications are approved and some are not, then after 7 days payment will be taken for the approved applications and the unapproved applications will be reverted to draft applications which the employer, training provider or third party can then review and resubmit. No payment will be taken for unapproved applications.
  • A receipt for each application is available through your online account.