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Industry Placement Card

  • What card will learners on the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) work experience initiatives need?
  • Learners on short work experience initiatives, such as those offered by the DWP do not require any card. In these instances, it is the employer responsibility to ensure the learners are inducted, always supervised and kept safe.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for the Industrial Placement card?
    1. Be aged 16 or above.
    2. Registered onto a further or higher education qualification or training programme that is not categorised as being ‘occupational competence’ and requires a minimum of 30 days’ work placement. The qualification being undertaken should be recognised as providing a pathway into construction and the built environment via an approved Apprenticeship, registration onto an approved occupational competence qualification such as an N/SVQ or is eligible for a CSCS logoed Academically Qualified Persons (AQP) card.
    3. Short work experience initiatives such as the two-week statutory school curriculum requirement are not in scope.
    4. Successfully pass the CITB Health,afety and Environment Operative test or one of the equivalent tests offered by CSCS Partner Schemes.
  • How long is the Industry Placement card valid for?
  • The card will be valid for three years and not be renewable.

  • What if a student requires more than 3 years to complete a work placement?
  • In special circumstances, Certification Schemes will consider extending a cards validity. For example, this might be when a card holder has not been able to complete their work placement as planned through sickness or another valid reason.

  • Who applies for the Industrial Placement card, the student, training provider or employer?
  • It is expected that with T Levels and Traineeships, the training provider will apply for their student’s cards. This will be different with Degrees however where it is expected the student will apply. In all instances, students should check with their training providers before making an application.

  • What is the application process for the Industrial Placement card?
  • Each card scheme has their own application processes which can be found on their websites.

    Links to each CSCS Partner Card scheme websites can be found here.

    A flowchart that demonstrates the general requirements for applying for a card can be seen below

  • Why does a student have to take a Health and Safety test to get the card?
  • Passing an independent Health and Safety test It is a requirement of all CSCS logoed cards. This ensures that everybody has the necessary core health and safety knowledge required to work safely on a construction site.

  • Which Health and Safety test is required?
  • It will be necessary to pass the Health and Safety test relevant to the Certification Scheme that is issuing the Industry Placement card. The Construction Industry Training Boards (CITB) Health, Safety and Environment test is used by many schemes including CSCS. Details of this test can be found here.

  • How much will it cost to get an Industry Placement card?
  • The cost of getting an Industry Placement card differs across Certification Schemes and it will be necessary to check their websites to find out what they charge. CSCS charges £36 for the card and the separate CITB Health, safety and environment test costs £22.50.

  • Is it the responsibility of students to pay for their Industry Placement card?
  • If a student is undertaking T Levels or Traineeships, then the expectation is that the Training Provider will pay. It will be necessary to check who will have to pay with other qualification and training programme types.