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Construction Leadership Council (CLC) reinforces backing of CSCS logo and a qualified workforce

Published: November 28, 2017

At the beginning of 2015 the CLC announced (via its Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025) that industry should specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted. This move remains widely popular as it places the achievement of nationally recognised construction related qualifications at the heart of the industry.

In order to display the CSCS logo all card schemes, including CSCS, are required to meet a number of requirements set out by the CLC. These include agreeing appropriate qualifications for each occupation and setting a minimum standard for skilled occupations at NVQ Level 2.

Following the success of the CLC’s 2015 decision and its adoption across the industry the CLC have announced further enhancements to the original requirements.

The updated requirements mark the end of 100% carded workforce policies adopted by many in the industry. The CLC have now confirmed that not everyone needs a card to gain access to site and cards will only be issued to those working in construction related occupations.

CSCS Chief Executive Graham Wren said: “I welcome this update from the CLC. It reflects industry practice in that cards are only required for those undertaking construction work. The rigid enforcement of a 100% carded workforce results in legitimate, non-construction related, workers being refused entry to site as they do not hold a card. This indicates a misunderstanding of the card schemes carrying the CSCS logo and undermines the construction industry’s desire for a fully qualified, as opposed to carded, workforce.”

Other areas covered by the CLC’s revised requirements ensure that apprenticeship standards are maintained and guidance is issued to anyone considering setting up a new card scheme within the industry.

Graham Wren continued: “The original CLC requirements have had an incredibly positive effect on upskilling the workforce and improving standards on UK construction sites. Since 2015 over 30 card schemes operating in construction have committed to the CLC’s requirements and are now displaying the CSCS logo on their cards. This equates to hundreds of thousands of workers in the industry achieving nationally recognised qualifications. I fully support the CLC’s updated requirements as they provide additional support and guidance towards achieving a fully trained and qualified workforce.”

To view the CLC’s updated requirements in full visit: