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CourseSight-CSCS link simplifies site admin

Published: February 12, 2021

Linking Reference Point’s CourseSight system with the CSCS GoSmart app continues to bring benefits to training providers.

Training and courses booked through CourseSight are now automatically added to attendees’ CSCS cards. This means that means that training providers no longer have to transfer attendees’ training to their CSCS cards, so providers can focus on what really matters – the training.

Early adopters of this new version of CourseSight have said that it’s difficult to imagine returning to a system without the direct link to CSCS, and that this integration has made their operations much slicker to run. One attendee of training booked through CourseSight said:

‘It is so great having all my training in one place, it used to take ages to get it uploaded and some of my training couldn’t be put on my card. Now all the training I do on CourseSight appears on my card as soon as I finish the course, so I can show my new site managers I’ve done it the next day’.

The new CourseSight system is easy to use. All course bookers or attendees need to do is input their CSCS registration number when booking training. Then, once the attendee’s training is complete and course outcomes have been sent, the qualification is immediately transferred through to the attendee’s card, allowing construction workers to show their up-to-date training, on one single card, without any delay.

For more information, go the CourseSight website.