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CSCS Announce New Group Structure

Published: May 30, 2024

Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited (CSCS Ltd) is pleased to announce the formation of a new group structure, designed to improve the operational efficiency, governance, and transparency of its activities.

The CSCS group has two principal duties:

First, as the owner of the CSCS logo, we manage the logo licencing process which ensures all 38 card schemes displaying the CSCS logo comply with the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) recommendation on Industry Card Schemes.

Second, we provide the industry with a card scheme for core construction occupations (the CSCS Card Scheme) that ensures individuals working in construction possess the appropriate training and qualifications for their specific roles on-site.

The new structure includes the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary of CSCS Ltd, being CSCS Cards Limited (CSCS Cards). CSCS Cards is the new owner and operator of the CSCS Card Scheme and will pay a licence fee to CSCS Ltd for the right to use the CSCS logo and certain other intellectual property. The new entity is authorised to issue cards for core construction occupations whilst ensuring continuity and excellence in our card application service. As the holder of a licence to use the CSCS logo, CSCS Cards will be joining the 37 other holders of a licence from within the CSCS Alliance.

As the owner of the CSCS logo, CSCS Ltd retains its licencing responsibility to ensure that all schemes, including CSCS Cards Ltd, comply with the CLC’s recommendations and any other conditions of licence. The integrity and credibility of the licencing process will continue to be upheld through the bi-annual auditing process.

CSCS Ltd also retains responsibility for all new licencing applications and retains the intellectual property rights to all CSCS’s software solutions, including the application service CSCS Online, the My CSCS App, and CSCS SmartCheck.


CSCS Cards Limited ( now owns and operates the CSCS Card scheme. CSCS Cards is a private company limited by shares, wholly owned by CSCS Ltd.  CSCS Cards has a board of four directors, each appointed by CSCS Ltd, reflective of the card scheme’s key stakeholders.

Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited ( remains a not-for-profit distribution organisation, limited by guarantee and without shareholders. The membership of CSCS Ltd is represented by three employer organisations and two unions, reflecting the breadth of the UK construction industry.

The governance of CSCS Ltd remains unchanged.

CSCS Ltd has a board comprised of seven non-executive Directors who are nominated from the following member organisations: Civil Engineering Contractors Association, Federation of Master Builders, GMB Union, Build UK, and UNITE the Union, plus two non-executive Directors nominated by the Construction Clients Group and the Construction Industry Council, together with an independent Chair (Dame Janet Paraskeva).

We believe the creation of the group structure provides improved governance, accountability, and transparency for the construction industry.