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CSCS approves Safe2Site online course

Published: March 5, 2018

A first for CSCS as online examination gets approval.

CSCS is pleased to announce that the Safe2Site online course has been approved as the latest route to the green Labourer card.

Most people in construction are familiar with the Labourer card. It’s the card that was introduced to help site managers verify that people working in Labouring occupations have achieved the RQF Level 1 (Level 4 in Scotland) Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment or one of the approved alternative courses, which now includes Safe2Site.

Safe2Site is owned by the Compliance and Skills Academy (COSAC), a training institute which delivers courses in a range of construction specialities.

COSAC will be working with TestReach, an online exam and assessment technology provider, to deliver Safe2Site online.

Historically CSCS has not approved e-assessment in non-invigilated conditions due to the high risk of malpractice and lack of measures to control it, particularly in locations that are remote from test centres such as a learner’s home.

CSCS Scheme Manager Angeleen Hill said “Ensuring the integrity of the examination process is absolutely paramount to CSCS and we work closely with our partners in the industry to tackle fraudulent behaviour.

“I am pleased to confirm that Safe2Site is the first course to adhere to CSCS’s strict e-assessment policy. COSAC have demonstrated that learners can sit their exam online while being monitored in real-time by TestReach supervisors, who fully maintain the security of the exam process. This is the first time a course has met all the Regulatory Principles contained within CSCS’s e-assessment policy.”

Remote invigilation provides learners with a flexibility that they previously didn’t have. It doesn’t matter where a learner lives or works, as long as they can access the internet, they can complete this course and gain the CSCS green Labourer card.

COSAC Director Andy Mason said “We are delighted to be working with CSCS and TestReach to transform how construction safety courses and assessment are delivered in the UK.

“This is a first in the world of assessment, because never before has a construction related training course met CSCS’s requirements for using the remote invigilation exam delivery method.”

For further information on the CSCS green Labourer card and a full list of approved alternatives to the Level 1 Award visit