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CSCS Smart Check app | January 2022 update

Published: January 25, 2022

In December we announced the new CSCS Smart Check app, developed by the 38 card schemes displaying the CSCS logo, is set to radically improve the construction industry’s card checking procedures and site safety.

The rollout of the app begins in April 2022, providing employers with a quick, easy and secure way of ensuring everyone on site has the right qualifications and training for the job they do. The app can be used to check contactless chips in smart cards, as well as QR codes in both virtual and physical cards covering all cards displaying the CSCS logo.

Its introduction will also result in some changes to the way in which employers check cards at the site gates.

Visit to find out more.

The project team continues to work on the app’s development, and we are pleased to share our first update of 2022.

Project Update

Since December, the project team have achieved significant progress with both the development of the app itself and communication to the industry. The development of the central secure database, to be used to verify the details of over 2.1 million cards, is now completed and testing of the database will take place over the coming weeks.

The development of the app itself is in its final stages, with integration into 14 card schemes already completed. Integrating the app across all 38 card schemes will be completed throughout February at which time testing will commence.

Early Adopters

In December we asked for early adopters to help us test the app and we received a fantastic response, thank you. A huge number of volunteers stepped forward including several major contractors.

These volunteers can expect to be contacted by ourselves and our IT Partner, StableLogic, in the coming weeks with details of upcoming demonstrations, training, and expectations for testing and feedback. This will initially be an email communication with details of further calls and meetings to join.

These sessions will be organised throughout February, March, April and beyond.

Next steps

Over the coming weeks, the 38 card schemes are committed to keeping the industry updated on our progress and everything you need to know about the CSCS Smart Check app. Regular progress reports, like this one, will be issued and we are planning several online events to keep you and your colleagues updated.

Invitations to these events will be issued in due course.

Keep in touch

Should you have any questions about the CSCS Smart Check app, please email the project team at: [email protected].