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Employers urged to check CSCS cards the Smart way

Published: April 18, 2016

Following extensive reports in the media earlier this year highlighting the dangers of construction card fraud, CSCS is urging employers to carry out electronic card checks before allowing workers on site. Checking the card electronically ensures employers can be confident that those working on site have the correct training and qualifications for the job they do.

CSCS Communications and Public Affairs Manager Alan O’Neile said: “CSCS believes that for construction sites to remain safe and productive all workers should have the correct qualifications and training for the type of work they carry out. This was one of CSCS’s primary objectives when introducing the electronic SmartCard in 2010. The CSCS SmartCard provides a simple and cost effective way to tackle fraud and verify that workers hold the correct qualifications and training before allowing them on site.”

A survey conducted last year confirmed many contractors and employers are still failing to take advantage of the technology, with many sites still using inefficient paper based systems or ineffective visual card inspections.

Alan O’Neile continued: “The technology embedded in a CSCS card is free to use and allows a site manager access to a wealth of information about each worker, including their qualifications. By simply placing the card in a reader or onto a compatible device such as a tablet or smartphone you can instantly check the cards validity and the qualifications held by the card holder.”

One contractor recently calculated that card checks using smart technology will save around 500 man working days per year and CSCS is working with several organisations to help them realise the full benefits of the technology.

CSCS is urging employers to help tackle card fraud and take advantage of the benefits offered by using the CSCS SmartCard. Read about the many benefits SmartCard technology can realise for you and your business here.