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iPhone game changer for electronic card checks

Published: March 5, 2020

CSCS is pleased to announce that electronic card checks are now available on iPhones.

All CSCS cards are Smart. They contain an electronic chip which stores information on the cardholder’s identity, qualifications and training. Employers can read the information stored on the card using a smartphone, tablet device or PC with the free Go Smart app installed.

Previously, it was only possible to use Go Smart on Android phones and tablets, meaning that companies using Apple phones could not check CSCS cards electronically.

Alan O’Neile Head of Communications at CSCS said: “Unqualified workers put the safety of themselves and those around them at risk. Electronic card checks are the most effective way of ensuring that the workforce is appropriately qualified. This exciting development makes it easier for site managers to adopt electronic card checks and to identify expired or fraudulently obtained cards.”

Electronic card checks work in the same way as Contactless cards or Apple Pay. By placing the card next to a smartphone or tablet device the details stored on the card are instantly recorded. The information collected by Go Smart can then be stored on the local device or transferred to an external database for further analysis.

Alan O’Neile continued: “This is a game changer for electronic card checks. Until now checks were restricted to Android devices and PCs. Feedback from the industry has consistently told us that not having Go Smart available on Apple devices was a major barrier to carrying out electronic checks.”

CSCS is also pleased to announce the relaunch of the Go Smart website. Designed by CSCS’s IT partners Reference Point, who developed Go Smart, the new design combines improved navigation with a contemporary look and feel that will improve the overall experience for visitors to the site.

The Go Smart website also contains a new online card checker that can be used to confirm the validity of a CSCS card. Simply visit the Go Smart website and select the card checker to view the status of a card.

To find out more about electronic card checks and download the Go Smart app visit