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Locksmith and Safe Engineer occupations withdrawn from CSCS

Published: March 29, 2017

The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), with support from the Standard Setting Body – Skills for Security, have formally requested that “Locksmith” and “Safe Engineer” occupations be withdrawn from the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

CSCS cards are intended for construction related occupations only and the MLA questioned whether Locksmith and Safe Engineer were in fact construction related occupations.

Locksmith activities tend to be done at the final stage of works and most new fit doors come with locks pre-fitted. The MLA also consider changing locks or installing master suites not to be construction related as little, if any, modification work is required. Safe delivery and installs can be done at various stages of a building project, but again this is not considered to be a construction related activity.

CSCS has now stopped issuing cards for Locksmith and Safe Engineer occupations, this means MLA members will be arriving on construction sites without a CSCS card. Entry to site should not be prevented – it will be the responsibility of the site managers to induct non-construction related workers and escort them where appropriate in order that they remain safe at all times.

Should your entry to site be refused because you do not hold a CSCS card, please direct them to the CSCS website.

For further information on the withdrawal of Locksmith and Safe Engineer occupations, please contact the Master Locksmith Association, contact details for the MLA found at


CSCS has removed a number of non-construction related occupations from the scheme. A full list of these occupations can be found here.