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MSite and Carillion go smart with pre-induction

Published: July 20, 2017

Carillion Construction Services has transformed its company-wide inductions process by using the MSITE pre-induction system. MSite integrates with the CITB and CSCS databases, ensuring that workers holding CSCS, CPCS and CISRS cards, have their qualifications checked before they start work on a Carillion project.

MSite’s Online Inductions software has been developed with Carillion and launched in June 2017 to take the majority of inductions away from day-to-day site operations and into a web-based system accessible for every employee of Carillion and its supply chain partners working on site.

Glenn Christiansen, Health and Safety Director at Carillion said: “Redirecting the first element of our three-part induction process onto a web-based platform which people can access before they arrive at our contracts has enormous benefits for everyone involved. This efficient new approach clearly frees up valuable time for our workers on site, but the key benefit for us is the consistent level of training everyone will receive.”

With specially created content in the form of videos, Carillion will ensure that those working on their contracts receive the same standard of consistent messaging in a recorded environment they can return to at any time. The messages will differ where people have specific needs or trades that require extra attention – for example, Plant Operators or Supervisors.

Those who join Carillion will always see the most relevant messages for the role they do and the site they are working at. Everyone will still receive a face to face orientation when they first arrive at the site, but the online element takes the majority of messages away into a controlled setting and creates a passport environment which helps people move more freely between sites without the need to repeat the same induction.

MSite integrates with the CITB database, ensuring that workers enrolled in CPCS and CISRS, have their role competencies checked before they start work on a Carillion project.

The system also fully integrates with the CSCS database (using the CSCS app, go smart), providing the same benefits for CSCS cardholders. This makes MSite the first system of its kind to fully integrate with multiple card scheme databases.

Glenn Christiansen added: “The CITB and CSCS integration is a unique aspect to the MSite system and this is one of the factors that make it ideal for use by our sites. MSite is a proven system that could be adapted to our industry leading requirements which made it an ideal solution for us.”

Tim Aston – Health, Safety and Security Director of the Carillion Eiffage Kier Joint Venture currently bidding for the HS2 Project said: “Key and consistent health and safety messaging is vital to the whole of our workforce whether it be Carillion or our Supply Chain Partners; efficiencies delivered through the online workforce induction management technology plays a vital role in supporting our strategic business objectives today and into the future.

“The CITB and CSCS checking and validation functionality through API electronic interfacing brings these intelligent systems together checking important right to work information and certification. No longer is it acceptable to make assumptions, we need to assure ourselves through 100% assurance. This innovation will allow us to continue to meet and exceed the needs of the industry by integrating with accreditation organisations.”