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New features added to CourseSight

Published: September 16, 2020

New training and courses booked through CourseSight will now be automatically added to a CSCS card.

Training and courses booked through CourseSight, a product of CSCS IT Partner Reference Point, will now be automatically added to a cardholder’s CSCS card.

CourseSight works by using the smart technology built into every CSCS card.

When booking onto a new course through CourseSight, cardholders or their employers can add their card number. Once the training provider confirms completion of the course, the new course will automatically be added to the cardholder’s CSCS card, and can be viewed

when the card is scanned using the Go Smart app. Scanning the card will also show the expiry date of any courses which need to be regularly retaken.

With this new feature, a CSCS card can be used to track all a cardholder’s qualifications and training with no additional input from the cardholder or their employer.