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New white paper highlights the need for more CSCS SmartCards to be checked electronically

Published: September 25, 2018

A new white paper by CSCS IT Partner Donseed looks at the statistics behind how CSCS SmartCards are currently being verified on site. It highlights that visual checks with paper-based recording are almost 10 x more likely to occur than electronic checks using smart technology.

As many fake cards are difficult to spot from a visual inspection alone this could lead to unqualified workers gaining access to construction sites, where they can cause accidents and injury, the very issues CSCS was designed to prevent. In comparison, electronic checks can detect fake cards with 100% accuracy in a matter of seconds.

This means that many employers are missing out on the full potential of CSCS SmartCards.

The Chief Executive at CSCS, Graham Wren, has made it very clear that “unless people use consistent and accurate methods of checking cards to certificate workers’ training and qualifications, the schemes cannot fulfil the roles they were designed for. The smart technology within CSCS SmartCards is a simple and cost-effective way to do this.”

This white paper, written by the team at Donseed, covers:

  • The background of CSCS SmartCards
  • Current on site card checking procedures and how information is verified
  • How smart technology could be better employed to help tackle card fraud
  • The benefits of integrating third-party apps with CSCS’ smart technology

Download the white paper for free here.