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Professional body members eligible for cards

Published: July 29, 2019

Most people in construction are familiar with Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards. It’s the card that provides proof that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do on site.

In most cases applicants are required to achieve a recognised construction related qualification (usually an NVQ or SVQ) as well as pass the Construction Industry Training Board’s Health, safety and environment test within the last 2 years.

However, not everyone is aware that CSCS also offer cards for members of approved Professional Bodies. Applicants for CSCS cards can use their Professional Body membership to prove their skills, rather than the achievement of an NVQ or other equivalent qualifications.

Gordon Jenkins, Director of Operations at CSCS said: “Professional Bodies have a long history of qualifying construction professionals. This is why in 2003 CSCS began recognising professional body membership for CSCS cards.”

Full member and other relevant grades of membership of CSCS recognised professional bodies can apply for the CSCS Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) card. Those in levels of membership which do not lead to a PQP card are often eligible for the CSCS Trainee card while they work to becoming full members.

CSCS recognises 64 professional bodies (a full list can be found on the CSCS website) with more than 32,000 professional body members holding a CSCS card.

Gordon Jenkins continued: “The process for obtaining CSCS recognition is relatively straightforward. We require the professional body to demonstrate that their membership criteria has been successfully mapped against the appropriate National Occupational Standard and that there are robust CPD requirements. If this is the case then CSCS can issue a card. “

Obtaining a CSCS card through a professional body membership is especially useful for those who currently hold CSCS cards under Industry Accreditation.

Industry Accreditation allowed workers to obtain CSCS cards on the strength of an employers’ recommendation rather than the achievement of a recognised qualification. CSCS recently announced the closure of Industry Accreditation which means many card holders are now required to obtain a recognised qualification before CSCS can issue another card.

Industry Accreditation cardholders who are members of approved professional bodies will be able to transition onto a CSCS PQP card without having to complete any further qualifications.

For further information on applying for CSCS cards click here.