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WQ Inspection & Certification route for welders to obtain CSCS cards

Published: November 24, 2017

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) have announced an extension to their route for welders, with a card offered by its member WQ Inspection & Certification (WQiC).

What this means is that WQiC (a UKAS accredited SAFed full member) in conjunction with SAFed (an independent engineering inspection trade association), will now issue SAFed branded cards displaying the CSCS logo. For welders who hold a current safety assessment approval and hold a current accredited welding certificate where job knowledge has been assessed, WQiC can validate the whole process and issue the CSCS Skilled Worker – Qualified Welder Card.

SAFed member company WQiC are accredited by the UK’s National Accreditation Body (UKAS) to carry out welder assessments and SAFed, acting as the standard setting body, have audited this process and approved it as an alternative to the NVQ Level 2.

CSCS Director of Operations Gordon Jenkins said: “CSCS is pleased to have worked alongside WQiC and to have reached an agreement that benefits the welding sector. WQiC’s assessment route has been approved as an alternative to the NVQ Level 2, enabling the CSCS logo to be displayed on the SAFed card. This is another example of the welding sector working together to achieve a fully qualified workforce.”

For more information on applying for a WQiC / SAFed card please contact WQiC on 0121 505 2066 or email us at [email protected]. You can also visit our web site to find out more information.