CLC: One Industry Logo

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) was created in 2013 to work between industry and government to identify and deliver actions supporting UK construction in building greater efficiency, skills and growth.

At the beginning of 2015 the CLC announced (via its Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025) that industry, including trade associations, contractors, clients and government, should specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted.

The CLC went further and listed a number of requirements necessary to qualify for the CSCS logo which include:

  • agreeing appropriate qualifications for each occupation
  • setting a minimum standard for skilled occupations at NVQ Level 2
  • introducing smart technology by 2020.

Full details of the CLC’s requirements were set out to industry in early 2015 in a letter about One Industry Logo. This is known as the “One Industry Logo” action.

The objective of this action is to provide clients, employers and contractors with a consistent means of recognising that an individual has achieved the agreed standard of qualification and skill in the occupation they are working in and to give the industry confidence in that brand.

CSCS carried out a review of the scheme against the CLC’s requirements. The results of this may be useful to other scheme operators to help them to determine what actions they need to take to ensure their scheme is compliant with the CLC’s stipulations.

CSCS is helping other construction industry card schemes to develop plans to qualify for the CSCS logo. These are the other card schemes with which CSCS is already in discussion.

Whether you are a CSCS cardholder, a card scheme operator or an employer, you are likely to be affected by these changes. To find out more visit our CLC Frequently Asked Questions or talk to your employer or training provider.