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CSCS Smart Check Support Page

If experiencing problems with CSCS Smart Check, please follow the instructions below depending on the device or platform being used.

CSCS Smart Check API

If your site access or card checking system relies on CSCS Smart Check’s API and is not working as normal, please contact your system provider in the first instance.

The CSCS Smart Check mobile app and are available as alternative card checking options.

The CSCS Smart Check app

If you’re having problems using the CSCS Smart Check app, please check you have internet or mobile data signal and that you are using the latest versions of both the app and the operating system on your device.

If problems persist, please try restarting the app, attempting the card read again or using the Manual Input option if you haven’t already.

For further assistance, please contact the relevant card scheme.

When using website, please ensure you have selected the correct scheme and inputted the individual’s surname and registration number correctly.

If problems persist, please contact the relevant card scheme for further guidance and to verify the card.

Expired and damaged cards

Expired or damaged cards will not display on CSCS Smart Check.

These cards should be handed back to their owner who should contact the relevant card scheme to arrange a replacement card.

Damaged cards should still verify using the Manual Input option but those with expired cards must renew prior to being allowed on site.

CSCS Alliance contact details

The contact details for all 38 CSCS Alliance card schemes that carry the CSCS logo.