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Go Smart to be withdrawn from Windows phones

Published: January 24, 2018

Following confirmation that Microsoft are ending their support for Windows phones, CSCS is withdrawing the Go Smart app for Windows phones.

Go Smart is the app developed by CSCS for reading CSCS cards electronically.

Microsoft has announced that windows phones will no longer receive updates to their software, though they will still receive bugfixes and security updates. As a result, from the end of September 2018 CSCS will cease to release new versions of Go Smart for windows phones and tablets.

This means that future versions of Go Smart released after September will not function on Windows mobile devices. Existing versions of Go Smart for Windows phones may continue to function for some time after the withdrawal, but will eventually cease functioning. All Go smart users on Windows mobile devices will need to transition to an android mobile device or a Windows PCs/laptops to continue to make use of Go Smart.

This announcement does not affect Go smart for Windows PCs, which will continue to be supported by CSCS and which will continue to receive updates and new features.

CSCS Director of Operations Gordon Jenkins said “Windows mobile devices make up a small proportion of the devices using Go Smart, so Microsoft’s announcement should cause minimal disruption to GO Smart users. However, we advise those using Windows mobile devices to transfer to android devices or windows PCs as soon as possible. Go Smart will remain compatible with Windows PCs and all android devices.”

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