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Profiled Route

The CSCS Profiled Route is a rigorously audited route applicable to appropriately experienced:

  • Construction Site Supervisors (Contracting or Residential) leading to a gold Supervisors card
  • Construction Site Managers (Contracting or Residential) leading to a black Managers card

Before considering making an application via the Profiled Route you should note the following:
1. You must be an experienced site manager or site supervisor currently or recently working for a principal contractor. This route is NOT open to other occupations covered by the CSCS black Managers Card or CSCS gold Supervisors Card.
2. It is not appropriate for new supervisors or managers and applicants who are unable to demonstrate sufficient appropriate experience.
3. Applications made via the Profiled Route cost £300 (£250.00 plus VAT)
4. All applications should include a copy of the applicant’s CV
5. Applicants must pass the appropriate Health, Safety and Environment test ie either the CITB – ConstructionSkills Supervisor Health, Safety and Environment Test for the gold card or the CITB – ConstructionSkills Managerial and Professional (MAP) Health, Safety and Environment Test for the black card.
6. Applicants should never copy or adapt other people’s answers. All applications are checked carefully by CSCS and independent Auditors and any evidence of plagiarism is taken very seriously and will result in rejection of the application with possible steps taken against the applicant, the employer and the reviewer.

How to apply for a CSCS card via the Profiled Route

Applications made via this route require applicants, their employer and a reviewer to allocate time to gather significant information and evidence and submit it in the required format for assessment by a CSCS auditor.

Before embarking on this route the applicant, their line manager and their employer should recognise the time commitment that will be required by carefully reviewing the Guidance Notes below.

If the applicant has insufficient experience or does not submit proof of it in the correct way the application will be rejected.
1. Applications made via the Profiled Route require applicants to complete the appropriate Applicant Evidence Sheet (AES) to provide a detailed profile against an agreed list of competencies which reflect the relevant National Occupational Standard.
2. Once the applicant has completed the appropriate Applicant Evidence Sheet (AES) it has to be reviewed and signed off by a qualified reviewer by completing the appropriate Reviewer Sign Off Sheet. The reviewer must hold either an S/NVQ in Verification or Assessment (A1 or V1) or be a competence assessed member of a CSCS recognised Professional Body . Please Note: We require proof of your reveiwers qualification with your application submission. CSCS reserves the right to audit a reviewer’s credentials.
3. Submit the following to CSCS Ltd, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT:

  • Completed Application Evidence Sheet - Note if your application supporting documents exceeds 20 pages you must save this onto a memory stick. Acceptable paper size is A4 and A3 only
  • Reviewer Sign Off Sheet (ensuring proof of their qualification is provided)
  • CSCS Profiled Route Smartcard Application Form
  • Applicant’s CV
  • Please note that from 31st July 2014 payments will only be accepted via BACS Payable to Construction Skills Certification Scheme Ltd, HSBC, Account Number 72052091, Sort Code 40-18-22. NOTE: Please ensure proof of payment is attached to your submission to avoid your submission being returned to sender.

What happens next?

All applications via the Profiled Route will be audited by a CSCS approved auditor who will review the evidence submitted to determine whether it is sufficient for a CSCS card to be issued. CSCS reserves the right to request further evidence if required. If the auditor recommends that the CSCS card can be issued, it will be sent within 28 working days. If the auditor determines that there is insufficient evidence of an applicant’s experience, they will refuse the application and recommend that the applicant registers for an appropriate NVQ. The fee paid is not refundable. Any application missing required documents (stated above) will be immediately returned to sender.

Please do not submit orginal documents as we do not return any application, these are confidentially shredded after auditor review.

If you have any queries regarding the Profiled Route please contact operations@cscs.gb.com

The following documentation is available to download, as either pdfs or word documents:

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