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CSCS Name, Logo and Image Use Policy

The CSCS name, logo and images are the property of Construction Skill Certification Scheme Limited (“CSCS“).

CSCS are widely known and respected across the UK construction industry, and serve an extremely important role in ensuring that standards (including health and safety) are maintained within the construction sector; it is therefore of the utmost importance to CSCS that we prevent any dilution or damage to our reputation.

Therefore, CSCS take extremely seriously any unauthorised use of the CSCS name, or confusingly similar names (whether via the “CSCS” acronym or in full (Construction Skills Certification Scheme)), its logo, branded imagery or activity in relation to our registered trade and certification marks and our unregistered intellectual property.

Save as stated below, we consider the unauthorised sequential use of the letters “CSCS” in domain names by third parties as unacceptable. Often it falsely implies such operations or services are commercially connected to, or approved by, CSCS.

Such actions represent a misuse of CSCS’ intellectual property and will result in CSCS taking appropriate action against the perpetrators, including seeking the takedown of websites hosted on any such domain, the transfer of the domain itself to CSCS, and the recovery of damages and costs.

For the avoidance of doubt the domain is operated by CSCS Cards Limited with authorisation from CSCS.

CSCS will not normally object to the use of its acronym in sub-domains, provided it is accurate in its reference and the page does not imply ownership or association to our scheme.

For instance, the use in a post-domain path of “CSCS card” would generally be considered by us to be unobjectionable, whereas “CSCS Test” or “CSCS Course” would not, as neither such item exists.

CSCS regularly receives requests from individuals and businesses wanting to use the CSCS logo and/or CSCS card images on their websites, e-mail signatures, business cards, and other promotional materials.

However, we do not authorise third party organisations to use the CSCS logo or any CSCS card images without prior express written permission, which we may grant or withhold at our absolute discretion.

Generally speaking, CSCS does not object to the inclusion of bona fide references being made to it in online or offline articles, documents or other materials whether by its corporate name Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited, or by its trading name CSCS. However, we do require that any such reference be approved in advance in writing by us.

If you would like to make any such reference to CSCS in an article, document or other material, please send to [email protected]  a complete copy of the text that you propose.