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Applying for a CSCS card

  • Other than my trade or occupation can I have other qualifications printed on my CSCS card?
  • Qualifications that can be printed on a CSCS card are:

    • City & Guilds Craft Certificate
    • City & Guilds Advanced Craft Certificate
    • SCOTVEC Advanced Craft Certificate
    • Winter Maintenance Qualified (for Highway Maintenance Operatives)
    • Indentured Apprenticeship (where this is not the main Route of Entry)
    • CAS (Construction Apprenticeship Scheme)

    To add these qualifications to a card, copies of certificates must be sent to CSCS. If they are included with the initial applications there is no additional charge. If a request is made for them to be added after a card has been issued an additional £36.00 must be paid for a new card.

  • I've lost my apprenticeship certificate. What should I do?
  • Depending on the type of apprenticeship you completed, one of the following organisations may be able to help you:


    The National Joint Council for the Building Industry – Tel: 0844 576 3556

    In Scotland – Building Apprenticeship and Training Council – Tel: 0131 556 8866

    Thermal Insulation

    National Joint Council for the Thermal Insulation Contracting Industry – Tel: 01325 466704

    Felt Roofing

    The National Joint Council for the Felt Roofing Contracting Industry – Tel: 01444 440027


    National Joint Council for the Flat Glass Industry – Tel: 020 7403 7177

    Mastic Asphalting

    Mastic Asphalt Council – Tel: 01424 814400

  • Do FAS/SOLAS Safepass cardholders need to take the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test to apply for a CSCS Card?
  • FÀS/SOLAS Safepass cardholders are exempt from having to take the Operatives level of the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test when applying for a CSCS card. This is providing the Safepass has been achieved in the last two years.

    FÀS/SOLAS Safepass cardholders are not exempt from having to take the Manager and Professionals level of the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

  • How does the card application process differ between an Employers Apprenticeship and an Approved Appenticeship?
  • There are two routes to obtain a CSCS Card through an apprenticeship.

    Employers Apprenticeship (Blue & Gold Card)

    The card applicant will need to provide a copy of their final completion certificate from the employer with whom they completed the apprenticeship with details of when it was completed. They will also need to provide copies of their Individual’s City & Guilds (Craft or Advanced) Certificates.  The applicant will then be issued with a blue CSCS Card if they have the Employers Apprenticeship and Craft City & Guilds.  A gold CSCS Card will be issued if they provide copies of Advanced Craft City & Guilds Certificates with the Apprenticeship Papers.

    Approved Apprenticeship (Gold Card)

    The card applicant will need to provide copies of their fully Indentured Apprenticeship papers gained through the  apprenticeship provider eg NJCBI. Different providers will have different types of certificates for their apprenticeship.

    If the card applicant can provide copies of City & Guilds Certificates with this as well, this will be included on the reverse of the card.

    If the card applicant does not have their apprenticeship documents find out more about the appeals process here.

  • How do I find out which CSCS card I should apply for?
  • To find out what card you need for your occupation please use the card finder on the CSCS website. This will also confirm which HS&E test is required.

  • Who owns a CSCS card?
  • CSCS cards remain the exclusive property of CSCS.  Cards are issued to and must be kept in the named cardholder’s secure possession at all times. CSCS reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw a card.

  • I have just passed the CITB Health, safety and Environment test. Why can’t I get a card?
  • To apply for most CSCS cards, applicants must:

    1. Provide evidence that they have achieved (or are in the processing of achieving) a nationally recognised construction related qualification relevant to their occupation.
    2. Pass the appropriate CITB Health, safety and environment test.
    3. Apply for a CSCS card by calling 0344 994 4777

    Unless an applicant has fulfilled all 3 of the above steps, they will not get a CSCS card.

  • Does this affect individual applications?
  • This change does not affect individual applications. Individuals applying for cards over the telephone will continue to pay via a debit or credit card. However, when the new service is launched the quickest way to apply and pay for your card will be via the online system.

  • How do I set up a new prepaid account facility with CSCS?
  • Details on how to set up a pre-paid account can be found here:

  • I have a CITB credit account, can I use it to pay for CSCS cards now?
  • Until 29th November you can continue to make payments in the usual way (via credit accounts or via payment over the phone).