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Appeals: Qualification or Card Application

From time-to-time CSCS will decline a card application or qualification. This can be for a number of reasons, such as the application lacking appropriate documentation, or the applicant not holding the appropriate qualifications for the card being applied for.

If your application or query has been declined and you believe that the reason given is incorrect, or you believe that you have a specific personal situation which should be taken into account, then you can submit an appeal to the CSCS Appeals Panel.

Please note: It is your responsibility to ensure that all mandatory documents for the appeal are submitted, relevant and up to date. Any documents not initially submitted will not be considered.

Mandatory documents for appeals, based on appeal type (4 options)

1. Qualification or card applications

All appeals must include:

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV) including a full work history and details of any qualifications that have been achieved.
  • Copies of any qualifications achieved, relevant to the card and occupation the appeal refers to.

2. Apprenticeships – If you no longer have your apprenticeship completion certificate or did not achieve a qualification certificate as part of your apprenticeship  you must also submit:

  • A letter explaining the full details of the apprenticeship you completed.
  • A letter on headed paper from the employer with whom the apprenticeship was served, stating your occupation, the completion date of the apprenticeship and the employer’s contact details.
  • Witness testimony from your most recent employer.

Note: If you achieved an older Apprenticeship and no longer have your completion certificate please see information of how to obtain this here although the information noted is limited to the bodies listed.

3. Card Renewals – If you are appealing to renew your card more than 12 months after the card’s expiry you must also submit:

  • A letter explaining why you were unable to renew the CSCS card within 12 months of the card expiring.
  • Witness testimony from your most recent employer on company headed paper.

4. For any other type of appeal such as lost qualification certificates – please provide any relevant documentation that may help support your appeal.

Email Appeals and mandatory documents can be emailed to: [email protected] with ‘CSCS Appeal’ in the subject line.

Appeal Decision

The CSCS Appeals Panel will notify you of their decision within 20 working days of you submitting all the evidence required for your appeal.

Please note: All decisions of the Appeals Panel are final