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Not everyone needs a CSCS card

Who doesn’t need a CSCS card?

While all construction workers should hold the relevant CSCS card to access a construction site, people attending site to perform a non-construction related occupation should not be expected to carry a card.

If you work in a non-construction related role, you do not need a card. Similarly, if you are on a short-term work experience placement for less than 30 days you do not need a card.

It is the responsibility of site managers to induct non-construction related workers and those on short-term work experience before escorting them where appropriate so they remain safe on site.

This decision is supported by the following Construction Leadership Council requirement:

“Cards will be required by those working predominantly on construction sites undertaking a recognised construction occupation. Cards will not be issued in respect of non-construction related occupations.”.

How do I know if an occupation is non-construction related role?

A list of non-construction related occupations can be viewed here.

Sites that insist on CSCS cards for all

CSCS is aware that some construction sites insist everyone must hold a card and we continue to work with the industry to tackle this issue. Such practices result in legitimate, non-construction related workers been refused entry to site as they do not hold a card.

What do if you’re refused entry to a site

If your occupation is non-construction related or you are on short-term work experience and your entry to site is refused because you do not hold a CSCS card, please direct the site manager to this webpage or ask that they contact us directly.

Please get in touch via the Contact us page and select “A complaint.”

Please provide details of your occupation, the main contractor’s name and the site address. CSCS will investigate and, if necessary, arrange for the site team to be contacted.