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My CSCS card says’ Industry Accreditation’ on the back, but I gained my card using a UK NARIC statement of comparability. Will I be able to renew my card?

Before October 2017, applicants for CSCS cards who held overseas qualifications applied by providing a UK NARIC comparability statement. Cards issued on the basis of a comparability statement were classed as IA cards and have ‘Industry Accreditation’ on the back. These cards are not being withdrawn as part of the IA withdrawal so these cardholders will be able to renew their cards. When renewing your card, CSCS will require evidence of your statement of comparability from UK NARIC.

Please note:  that since October 2017, applicants with overseas qualifications have also been required to provide a Primary Source Verification report and have been issued with cards with ‘Overseas Qualifications’ written on the back. These cardholders are unaffected by the IA withdrawal.