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New Service Provision

  • Why are CSCS moving to online applications?
  • For more than 20 years CSCS’s card application processing and contact centre support services have been delivered under contract by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

    In late 2017 CITB formally notified CSCS of their intention to withdraw from delivering the service. This provided CSCS with an exciting opportunity to identify and procure a modern service that will greatly improve the application process for our 1.5 million card holders.

  • Does this mean CITB will no longer run the service?
  • Yes. Contracts have been awarded to the technology provider ICREON to build and maintain the new online application system and to the contact centre provider Teleperformance for telephone and other application support services.

    In the meantime, we would like to reassure card holders and their employers that card application services will continue to operate as normal while the process of developing the new service provision takes place.

  • When will CITB stop delivering the service?
  • We are working with our new suppliers to launch the new system by the end of 2019 at which time CITB will no longer deliver the service.

  • Does this mean CITB will be selling CSCS to the private sector?
  • CSCS is an independent company and is not owned by CITB.

    We are a not-for-profit limited company. CSCS directors are from employer organisations and unions representing the breadth of the industry. CITB do not have a stake in the ownership, management or strategic direction of CSCS.

  • Why have CITB decided to exit the contract?
  • CITB are committed to doing things better by doing things differently. To deliver its strategy CITB will invest in three areas: Influencing and engaging, Evidence based research and Targeted funding.  To achieve this CITB needs to change the way they do business.  CITB will take on a strategic role influencing training provision to ensure that industry’s demands are met instead of the direct delivery of training. CITB will influence training competence to ensure that industry’s demands are met instead of the direct delivery and involvement in card schemes.

  • What does this mean for CITB’s existing staff working on the CSCS contract?
  • The new service is planned to go live in late 2019, prior to that date CITB will be consulting with existing staff who may be impacted. In the meanwhile CSCS card application services will thus continue to operate as normal.

  • Why Teleperformance and ICREON?
  • Throughout 2018 a detailed procurement process for both the contact centre and technology contracts took place. During this time potential providers were invited to submit their proposals for running the service. Shortlists were drawn up for both contracts and a number of providers for each contract were invited to interview.

    Both Teleperformance and ICREON consistently demonstrated a high-quality approach to delivering the service and emerged as the standout candidates.

  • Will I be able to apply for a CSCS card in the meantime?
  • The scheme will operate as normal while the process of transferring to the new suppliers takes place.

  • Does this mean the price of the card will go up?
  • Despite our commitment to invest in the new service we have no plans to increase the cost of the card.

  • What happens to my CSCS card now?
  • Nothing. This will not change how existing CSCS cards work. Please continue to use the card as you have always done.

  • Are there any scheme changes?
  • No. The scheme will continue to operate as normal. The changes are solely focused on improving the application process. Cards will be continued to be issued following the same scheme rules.

  • Should I renew my card early?
  • No. If your card is due for renewal after the online system is up and running we recommend that you apply using the new online application process when your card enters the renewal period. Applying for a CSCS card online will be considerably easier, quicker and more convenient than any other means of application.

    If your card is due for before the online system is up and running we recommend that you continue to renew it in the usual way.

  • Does this mean I have to apply/renew my card online?
  • No.

    When the online service is up and running, we recommend that you apply online. You will be able to apply for your card anytime and from anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Online applications will be considerably easier and quicker than any other means of application.

    However, the option of applying over the phone will continue to be available.

  • What if I can’t as don’t have access to a computer?
  • The option of applying over the phone will continue to be available.

  • Can I still call up and apply / renew my card?
  • Yes, the option of applying over the phone will continue to be available. But if you apply online you won’t need to pick up the phone or wait in a call queue.

  • Can I still apply on paper?
  • Yes, you can continue to apply by posting the paper application form on the CSCS website, as well as the required documents and payment, to CSCS.

    However, when the new service is up and running the existing paper application form will no longer be available and applicants must apply using the online system or the telephone service.

  • When is all this changing?
  • The new service will go live by the end of 2019.

  • Is anything changing regarding taking the HS&E test?
  • No. The CITB Health Safety and Environment test will continue to operate as normal and remains a key requirement for the majority of CSCS cards.

  • How do I find out more?
  • We are committed to keeping the industry updated on progress and further announcements will be made throughout the year. The best way to keep up to date with our progress is to keep an eye on the website, follow us on Twitter @CSCS or sign up to our free newsletter via the website.

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