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Impact on CSCS applications

At the height of the pandemic, Coronavirus (COVID-19) had impacted CSCS’s ability to issue cards to first-time applicants or those wishing to renew their card prior to expiry, largely due to applicants being unable to sit the CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test.

The test is a key requirement for the majority of card applications and without the appropriate test construction workers cannot apply for a CSCS card.

However, that is no longer the case. HS&E tests are available at Pearson Professional Centres across the UK and are back to full capacity. Any logistical issues around sitting the CITB HS&E Test have been resolved and applicants can now sit their test as normal.

CITB HS&E tests

Please check your test confirmation email or letter for details of safety measures at the test centre including any requests to wear face coverings and remember to follow any government guidance appropriate to your test centre’s location.

What steps are CSCS taking?

While construction workers should no longer face delays in obtaining cards, as test centres are now back to full capacity, we continue to request support from the industry regarding the following temporary measures:

  1. CSCS has extended the grace period for card renewals from six months after the card expires to 12 months. This means that the card can be renewed, once the CITB HS&E test has been passed, up to one year from the card’s expiry date.
  2. Employers and those responsible for site access and card checking procedures are requested to use their discretion towards workers whose cards have expired. But as always, construction workers must hold the correct card for the job they do on site.

Keep informed

CSCS will continue to monitor the situation and, if necessary, we will introduce measures to limit the impact of Covid-19 on CSCS applicants and the wider industry. We ask that you to continue to visit this page for the latest Covid-19 updates from CSCS.

Any enquiries related to this matter should be emailed to [email protected].