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Overseas qualifications

If you have a construction related qualification that was awarded outside of the UK and is not currently recognised by CSCS you should contact Ecctis to apply for an Industry Skills Statement.

Ecctis will review your qualification and determine if it is comparable to a UK equivalent. If approved, Ecctis will issue an Industry Skills Statement.

Ecctis will also investigate the origin of your qualification, including the college it was delivered at, to prove its authenticity. This is known as Primary Source Verification.

Contact Ecctis to have your overseas qualification reviewed

Contact Ecctis

If Ecctis confirms that your qualification is an acceptable alternative to a UK qualification you should log into your CSCS Online account and upload the following documents as part of your application:

  • Either an Ecctis Industry Skills Statement with Skills Mapping (if applying with a vocational qualification) or an Ecctis Industry Skills Statement for Academically Qualified Persons (if applying with an academic qualification).
  • A Primary Source Verification (PSV) Report.
  • A copy of your original qualification (preferably translated).

Ecctis was previously known as UK NARIC and the Industry Skills Statement was previously known as Statement of Comparability for Construction Skills.

If you applied for a UK NARIC statement before 29th September 2017, you may not have been supplied with a Primary Source Verification report. In this case, please contact Ecctis as you will need this to continue with your CSCS card application.

If you hold a NVQ/SVQ, Degree, FETAC or QQI qualification issued in the Republic of Ireland you can apply directly to CSCS, you do not need to contact Ecctis. For all other overseas qualifications please contact Ecctis.