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Tackling fraud

CSCS takes fraud extremely seriously and it is essential that steps are taken to prevent it. People holding fraudulently obtained CSCS cards are not qualified to do their job and cannot demonstrate the required level of health and safety knowledge needed to operate safely on site.

Over recent years the construction industry has seen the emergence of criminal gangs employing sophisticated methods to fraudulently obtain construction related qualifications, which are then used to apply for CSCS cards. Details of the different types of fraud can be viewed here.

CSCS is not responsible for developing qualifications or delivering construction industry training. We rely on Awarding Organisations to monitor the performance of their approved training providers and to verify that an individual has achieved the required qualifications before CSCS issues a card.

CSCS is confident that the vast majority of qualifications and cards issued are legitimate. Current fraud prevention measures are proving to be successful with incidents of fraud impacting less than one per cent of all applications, but more work is required to fully eliminate fraud.

Details on how to tackle fraud can be viewed here.

CSCS works closely with Awarding Organisations, CITB, HMRC, the Police, Trading Standards and other agencies to identify and take action against those attempting to deceive construction employers.

How to report a fraudulent card

  • Why is fraud occurring?
  • The placing of recognised qualifications at the heart of every CSCS card application has made cards more valuable on the black market. The days of simply passing a health and safety test have been replaced by the need to also achieve a recognised qualification.

    Fraudsters see this as an opportunity and have focused their efforts on finding ways to cheat the qualification process to apply for CSCS cards with fraudulently obtained qualifications.