Top 10 FAQs

  • What is CSCS?
  • Although most people are familiar with CSCS there are many views expressed regarding its purpose and what it means to have a CSCS card. To summarise:

    A CSCS card is:

    • A certification of the cardholder’s identity
    • A certification of the cardholder’s qualifications
    • A certification of the cardholder’s training

    A CSCS card is not:

    • A passport to gain entry to site
    • A competency card
    • A guarantee of a cardholder’s competence
    • A Health and Safety card
    • A card for off-site employees
    • A certification of the cardholder’s fitness to work
    • A record of the cardholder’s work experience

    Holding a CSCS card verifies your identity and shows employers that you have the required training, qualfications and experience for the type of work you carry out on a construction site.  Most major contractors and homebuilders require workers on their sites to hold a valid CSCS card.



  • How do I apply for a card?
  • You can check the various routes and requirements here.

  • How much does a CSCS card cost?
  • CSCS cards cost £36. There is more information about applying for a CSCS card here.

    There are some organisations which will charge you more. If you are asked to pay more than £36, find out what the additional cost is for before you decide whether you want to use their services.

  • What qualifications do I need to have to apply for a CSCS card?
  • It depends on the job you do, your experience and your qualifications.  Find out what you need to do by using our cardfinder.

  • How do I book a CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test
  • You can book online or you can call the information and booking line on 0344 994 4488.

    You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay the £21 fee and either your NI (national insurance) number or a CITB or CSCS registration number.

    Find out more about the test here.

  • How do I find my nearest CITB Health, Safety and Environment test centre?
  • You can find your nearest CITB Health, Safety & Environment test centre by using the online booking system or you can call the information and booking line on 0344 994 4488. If the person taking the test needs additional support (eg. accessibility or literacy) please call the booking line to discuss the requirements.

    Find out more about the test here.

  • How long will it take for my CSCS card to be sent to me?
  • It depends on how you apply.  There is information on the various options and requirements here.

  • I've lost my card. How do I get a replacement?
  • A duplicate card can be requested from the CSCS Helpline on 0344 994 4777, this will cost £36.00 and payment can be taken over phone using a credit/debit card.

  • Can I use the CSCS logo on my letterhead, brochures, website etc?
  • As a general rule, we no longer permit third party organisations to reproduce the CSCS logo.

    This decision was made to avoid actual or potential confusion with our separate certificatory function.

    Therefore, if you already display the CSCS logo (whether on your website or otherwise), please remove it as soon as possible.

    Please note the above does not prevent organisations from making bona fide references on websites or otherwise to CSCS (either by its corporate name Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited, or by its trading name CSCS) in order to identify it or the services that it provides, but we request that any such reference be approved by the CSCS team.

    Requests for such approvals should be emailed to CSCS at [email protected]

    Should you wish to discuss this further please contact CSCS via the email address above.

  • What should I do if I suspect someone is using a fraudulent card?
    1. Retain the card if possible
    2. Make photocopies of front and back
    3. Record cardholder’s name and address
    4. Ask cardholder where the card was obtained from
    5. Call the local police and report the matter
    6. Refuse access to site (subject to company rules)
    7. Forward copies of all evidence to Operations Team; CSCS Ltd, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT marked “SUSPECTED FRAUDULENT CARD” with details of the crime number given by local police.

    CSCS will fully support any prosecution with technical and factual evidence.