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Reading CSCS SmartCards

CSCS SmartCards can be read using Android and Windows smartphones and tablet devices that have near field communications (NFC) capability or card readers linked to a computer or laptop.

Smartphones and tablet devices

To use smartphones or tablet devices download the CSCS apps from Google Play App Store for Android devices or the Windows App Store for Windows devices. Once installed place a CSCS smartcard on the back of the device near the top (the general location of the NFC reader, though some models may differ) to view the information on screen.

Ensure that NFC (near field communication) is turned on by checking your device’s settings.

Card readers

There are many card readers that will work with CSCS smartcards.  Prices start from around £40 + VAT and you can purchase them from CSCS’ preferred supplier or from another supplier. Before purchasing check that the readers you choose are PC/SC accordant conforming to protocol T=0 (contact interface) or T=CL (contactless interface) or you will not be able to read CSCS SmartCards.

To use a card reader you will need to download the CSCS software on to your PC or laptop and you may also need to load a driver that comes with the reader. The CSCS software is downloadable free of charge here or you can buy it on CD-ROM from CSCS’s preferred supplier.

Once the software is installed place the CSCS SmartCard on/in your card reader. Your screen will display the card information.

For further information go to the CSCS SmartCards FAQs