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Short-term work experience and placements

If you are on short-term work experience of less than 30 days, you do not require a CSCS card.

Those getting a feel for the industry and whether a career in construction is right for them should be able to do so without encountering logistical or financial barriers and their safety is the responsibility of site managers while on site.

Those undergoing a construction-related qualification or training programme that requires the completion of a minimum 30-day work placement, such as T-Levels or Trainee Skills Development Programmes, should apply for the Industry Placement card.

If you are a trainee registered to complete a construction-related vocational or academic qualification (or hold professional membership with a CSCS recognised Professional Body at an accepted level) which is acceptable for a skilled CSCS card upon completion, you should apply for the Trainee card.

If you are unsure which card you require for your course or work placement on site, please use our Card Finder service.